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Practical neuroscience to help you to maximize your brain potential

     Brains run the world. They run businesses, governments, churches, and families and your brain runs you. However, many people rarely think about their brain health and the longevity of their brain functioning. This is a huge mistake because success in everything you do begins with an optimized brain.

     We currently are in a war for brain health. Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to serve you fast food, preserved food, or just bad food. Processed foods with pesticides, low fiber, and low nutrients are all too common. Technology companies create addictive gadgets that grab our attention and distract us from our loved ones. This has served to decrease our attention spans. Memory disorders are on the rise and Alzheimer’s disease now affects 50% of individuals 85 years and older. Neuroscientists now know that Alzheimer’s disease starts in the brain decades before symptoms are present. Dozens of studies have found that obesity negatively impacts the brain and that as weight goes up, the actual physical size and function of the brain goes down. Research has linked obesity with over thirty illnesses including cancer, diabetes, depression and dementia. Most people fail to think about a connection between their weight and their brain.

Brain Health Coaching Meditation

     We also now know that we can decrease the progression of cognitive decline and even reverse cognitive decline. We are able to fight the war on brain health by knowing the status of our brain’s functioning and engaging in brain health coaching.

     Researchers have discovered that SPECT scans, which look at blood flow and activity in the brain, are one of the most helpful approaches in examining how your brain works. SPECT scans are successful in differentiating between healthy brains and brains impacted by conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, and memory issues. These scans can help you determine how your brain currently is functioning, and what you can do to improve your brain health.

     Research at Amen Clinics of 8000 patients discovered that our brains become less active as we age. Amen Clinics has the world’s largest brain scan database and information gathered from this database has been integral in providing us with knowledge regarding how we can change our brains to change our lives. This database has informed us that there are many things that hurt our brains including inactivity, drugs and alcohol, poor diet, insomnia, nicotine and excessive caffeine, brain injuries, and poor life decisions. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night leads to lower overall blood flow to the brain and sleep apnea is associated with dementia. Even high blood pressure is associated with brain atrophy. Chronic stress damages the brain as well as environmental toxins such as cleaning products and smoke. Many individuals do not realize that an unhealthy peer group negatively impacts your brain health as you are more likely to adopt the habits of your peer group such as smoking, eating fast food, or living in a stressful environment.

Brain Health Coaching…The Process

     Brain health coaching begins with an understanding of your current level of brain health and teaching you practical neuroscience to help you to maximize your brain potential. This process begins with a clinical interview and a check list to look at your habits and your risk factors. Many things help your brain such as appropriate anxiety, good exercise habits, new learning, great nutrition, adequate sleep, meditation, targeted supplements for your brain and body, knowing about the health of your brain, a healthy weight and healthy friends. Spending time around healthy individuals will increase your health habits. You are not stuck with the brain you have and you can make it better even if you have been bad to your brain in the past. Research has demonstrated the manner in which you can slow cognitive decline and actually reverse cognitive decline. This is not difficult; it only requires a very specific approach to daily living. In addition to a clinical interview and checklist to assess these factors, participating in a SPECT scan can also help to obtain a clear picture of your overall brain health.

     Brain health coaching also includes a computerized assessment to measure seventeen areas of your cognitive, intellectual, and emotional functioning. Depending on how you score, you will be given fun games to maximize your brain power. Brain enhancing music and meditation audios are helpful to enhance creativity, intuition and relaxation.

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