Therapy and Coaching by Skype

     Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes traffic is horrendous. Sometimes your schedule is already so busy juggling work and family commitments that finding time to take a break and go out seems impossible. And sometimes, when you’re depressed, you just really don’t have the energy or feel like getting up to go out and drive to your appointment. Thanks to today’s technology, we can avoid all of these issues. Getting to your appointment is as easy as clicking a button. This new technology allows for safe and secure therapy right from the comfort of your home. It’s convenient, confidential, and on your time.

How do online therapy and coaching sessions happen?

     Therapy sessions are conducted remotely online thanks to a secure video platform. Never miss another session again! Whether you are on vacation, scheduling your session in between family commitments, or travelling for business, online therapy sessions allow you to continue therapy in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

     Thanks to modern technology, there is NO need to spend money on additional hardware. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. The secure video platform I use is free and does not need to be downloaded. Simply access the internet with either a Mac or PC.

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Clients who succeed at online therapy or coaching tend to be:

Very busy: Online therapy enables clients to save time commuting. Think of online therapy or coaching as your own personal “house call” from me! Whether you’re a busy professional, a business executive who travels, or a couple who finds it almost impossible to juggle multiple schedules for couples therapy sessions, online therapy offers a world of time-saving convenience.

Highly motivated: Individuals who are dedicated to achieving success in all areas of life understand the importance of including therapy or coaching in their weekly routine. These clients discover that they get MORE accomplished in online video therapy or coaching sessions by seeing me while sitting in their actual home or office environment since that’s where they feel most natural.

Forward-thinking: Therapy through online video is growing in popularity. If you’re someone who is open to new ways of connecting with people, and you’re at least somewhat comfortable with the idea of using your computer or mobile device to communicate with others, you might want to try a session or two of online therapy. Many people are pleasantly surprised that the sessions quickly start to feel very natural, almost as if you’re actually sitting together in the same room as your online therapist or coach. If you often find online services to be convenient ways to get what you want quickly and easily, you may enjoy online video therapy and coaching services.

Discriminating: The growing popularity of online services has created a flood of people who call themselves therapists or coaches and are posting ads online for their services. I am a licensed psychologist and neuropsychological expert with decades of clinical experience and I am highly qualified to offer these services online. If you’re someone who would like to live your best life now and access a top-notch expert therapist from the convenience of your home or office, you will benefit from sessions with me.

Who uses online therapy or coaching with me?

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How to get in touch with me

     The easiest way is to schedule your complimentary phone consultation with me through my online booking calendar, and I will call you at the designated time. No hassle, no phone tag, a time that is convenient to you and you speak directly with me.

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