Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

     What do the world’s top athletes and performing artists have in common? They all have a coach!

     Executive coaching is the process of working with a qualified professional to help clarify goals, achieve development objectives, gain self-awareness, unlock your potential, and take your work performance and life to the next level. It involves working in a thought-provoking and creative process that challenges and inspires you. An effective coach helps you tap into your full potential in order to help you define and achieve your goals and reach your maximum potential.

     As an entrepreneur with a background in business and neuropsychology, I have a unique approach to Coaching that examines your particular strengths with respect to intelligence, memory, executive functioning, personality characteristics, leadership style, and other areas of brain functioning. Because I have decades of clinical experience and a wide range of training in numerous modalities, I am able to incorporate multiple techniques into my coaching session with you that other coaches and therapists are unable to do. I will assist you in seeing things you don’t see, such as blind spots, self-limiting strategies, and faulty assumptions. I will help you identify the manner in which your brainwave patterns, core beliefs, and daily habits impact your ability to attain your goals. As your Coach, I will assist you in setting clear goals and objectives, monitoring your progress, and achieving your dreams.

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A Customized Program to Meet Your Needs

     Each coaching program is custom designed to meet your specific needs. There is no rigid formula that is followed, rather I incorporate proven strategies and techniques to address your specific goals and needs. For this reason, coaching occurs one-on-one. Together we identify strengths and areas of opportunity or possible challenges. We explore your goals and aspirations, and identify ways to achieve them that are effective, efficient, and measurable. It is a balance between what is best for your professional life and your life outside of the workplace.

Benefits of coaching

Coaching is a good fit for you if you are:

Typical client objectives are to:

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How to get in touch with me

     The easiest way is to schedule your complimentary phone consultation with me through my online booking calendar, and I will call you at the designated time. No hassle, no phone tag, a time that is convenient to you and you speak directly with me.

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